Ron Chapman

Ron Chapman

Ron Chapman is a Bay Area based actor who believes in the power and necessity of great storytelling. He is thrilled to be working with Quantum Dragon Theater.

Emily Corbo

Emily Corbo

Emily Corbo is a performer and art-maker who is elated to bring this story to life in her first Quantum Dragon production. Favorite past roles include Dora Spenlow in the world premiere of David Copperfield: The New Musical with Jewel Theatre Company, Vivian at The Speakeasy, and Linda in the new play The Birthday Lottery at Z Space. She thanks her wonderful teachers Loree Capper and David Bryant for all of their guidance and sends love and gratitude to her family and friends for their unwavering support and encouragement. A special thanks to Bradbury for creating stories that champion and encourage "the lovers, the silly people, appreciators of stuff and nonsense signifying something."

Emily Dwyer

Emily Dwyer

Emily Dwyer is elated to be making their performance debut with QDT after costume designing their recent production The Do’s and Don’ts of Time Travel and to be returning to design costumes for this dystopian masterpiece! A preschool teacher by day, Emily’s recent performance credits include Zelda in Scott and Zelda: The Beautiful Fools at Ross Valley Players and Martha/Wendla u/s in Spring Awakening with Marin Musical Theatre Company. Emily has also appeared in Mountain Play and New Conservatory Theatre Center productions, designing costumes for the latter as well as for Contra Costa Civic Theatre and Youth Musical Theatre Company. Emily hopes you enjoy our take on this sci-fi classic and sends endless love and hugs to the whole flam-ely!


Dorian Lockett*

Dorian Lockett is thrilled and honored to be finally playing with Quantum Dragon Theatre! Hailing from the great city of Oakland CA, you might've seen him in hit shows like Down Here Below and Topdog/Underdog, both with Ubuntu Theater Project. He loves all things sci-fi, fantasy, and anime; talk to him about it, but beware: your brain might freeze. He's played Coach Patrick in 13 Reasons Why on Netflix and has voiced Alvin in The Walking Dead video game.

Melanie Marshall

Melanie Mashall
Black/First Paramedic/Helen

Melanie Marshall is pleased to be sinking her teeth into this classic of dystopian sci-fi! Melanie can commonly be found doing ridiculous sketch comedy with Killing My Lobster and hilarious drag parodies at Oasis. She is also a proud company member of PlayGround Theatre. She has performed all over the Bay, the Central Coast, Sacramento, and select parts of Scotland and England. When not being a very serious actor, she rides segways. This is Melanie's first show with Quantum Dragon. She thinks her parents are pretty great - even though they are definitely responsible for how short she is – as she is aware that her comedic timing is inherited.  

James Aaron Oh

James Aaron Oh
Holden/Second Paramedic/Alice

James Aaron Oh is stoked to be making his debut with Quantum Dragon Theatre. With most of his recent work coming from the collections of The Bard, he is excited to do some work with the Brad-bury. Recent credits include Twelfth Night with Half Moon Bay Shakespeare and Measure for Measure with Theatre Lunatico (where he will play Chiron in their production of Titus Andronicus this September). James holds a BA in Theater and Performance Studies from UC Berkeley. or @jamesaaronoh on Instagram.

Annette Oliveira

Annette Oliveira

Annette Amelia Oliveira is thrilled to embark on her second Quantum Dragon production. Annette recently played the Hostess in Curtain Theatre’s Henry IV, Part 1 in Marin. She was an aged wise woman in Quantum’s world premiere of Ageless, a Latina mom in Real Women Have Curves in Hayward, a temptress of a certain age in The Clean House at Contra Costa Civic Theatre, and the jaded God-narrator of Weightless, a rock opera at San Francisco’s Z-space. This summer she’ll be Mistress Quickly in Curtain Theatre’s Merry Wives of Windsor. For SF’s Shoestring Radio Theatre she’s played men, women, astronauts, and elves. She’s narrated fiction and non-fiction audiobooks for Learning Ally in Palo Alto. She joyfully nurtures new plays by acting for Berkeley’s Play Café, Playwrights Center of San Francisco, and Playground at Berkeley Rep. Annette has appeared Off-Broadway and in East Coast Repertory theatres. She studied with Uta Hagen and graduated from San Francisco’s Meisner Technique Studio. Her performance is inspired by her lifelong love of books.



Abe Bernstein

Abe Bernstein

Abe Bernstein started acting when he was 60. He has been in nineteen plays, eight staged readings, four solo performances, and three performing troupes. His favorite roles were in Singin' In The RainDark of the MoonThe Grapes of WrathThe FantasticksCabaret, and three musicals for young audiences: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, That's Our Snow White, and Aladdin and the Lamp. He has performed with the Stagebridge Playback Theater Troupe in senior centers, residences, and care facilities throughout the Bay Area.

Lucianne Colon

Lucianne Colón

Lucianne is jazzed to be involved with Quantum Dragon Theatre for the first time, jazzed to be in a show based off an amazing book, and jazzed to be jazzed. New-ish to the Bay Area, she’s slowly weaving her way into the theatre scene. Her other activities include stage combat, D&D, latte art, and watching When Harry Met Sally.

Ray Dequina

Ray Dequina

Ray is absolutely thrilled to make his return to the stage, courtesy of Quantum Dragon Theatre! A lifelong sci-fi nerd at heart, he has always thought the most impactful stories are the ones that shine a light upon the issues of the modern day through the lens of strange new worlds, new lives and new civilizations, and boldly going where no one has gone before. Past credits include Hamlet (Hamlet), Woyzeck (Sergeant), and The Shape of Things (Philip) at UCSD. He hopes that you come away from tonight's show understanding that, while the parallels you'll see here are unsettling and may hit a little close to home, the outlook is ultimately one that is hopeful: no matter how much we may find escape in technology, no matter how far we seem to fall into anti-intellectualism, our innate need to seek out truth and beauty will see us through in the end. Thank you again and enjoy!

Willow Mae

Willow Mae

Willow was raised in San Lorenzo and now lives in San Francisco. Growing up around Musical Theatre, she has been singing since she was 18 months and dancing since high school. Willow has recently played Little Inez in the Oasis production of HairSprayed! (a musical drag parody), has been in a couple of musicals at CCSF, and has performed in other venues across the Bay Area. Quantum Dragon Theatre’s production of Fahrenheit 451 is her first time performing with the company, but she excited to be experiencing this wonderful opportunity to learn and explore.

Omar Osoria-Pena

Omar Osoria-Peña

Omar Osoria-Peña is a born and raised Bay Area actor who has appeared in shows such as Oedipus El Rey, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Uncle Vanya, and most recently Othello with Inferno Theatre. He is excited to work with QDT and one of his favorite dinosaurs is the Ankylosaurus.

Christine Sheppard

Christine Sheppard

The story goes that when Christine was born she greeted her awaiting audience with a joyful “Thank you all for being here!” and hasn’t stopped talking since. She began working onstage at twelve, and at sixteen created “Rags the Clown” for WQAD-TV’s Bozo’s Big Top. Christine has since done more than fifty stage productions, including local work for The Speakeasy, The Eugene O’Neill Festival - Role Players Ensemble, On Stage, Chanticleers, Masquers, Actors Ensemble of Berkeley, The Playwrights’ Center, and Exit Theatre. Christine is thrilled to be making her first appearance with Quantum Dragon, and couldn’t be happier that she is helping tell one of her favorite stories written by one of her favorite authors. Many, many thanks to Mr. Bradbury for his incredible body of work!

Jacinta Sutphin

Jacinta Sutphin

Jacinta Sutphin is quite delighted to be taking part in this scintillating endeavor. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy at John F. Kennedy University and as such, you will not see her on stage as much these days so you are quite the fortunate audience. However, if you can’t get enough of her you may find her at work at Shotgun Players, directing for Shotz SF, or house managing at the Children’s Creativity Museum. She is also Quantum Dragon Theatre’s managing director, has directed for QDT and ShotzSF, and appeared in QDT’s production of Civil.

Crystal Why

Crystal Why

Crystal Why is delighted to perform in her first show with Quantum Dragon Theatre. Previous SF shows include Hedwig, Club Inferno, Cyberotica, amd Shocktoberfest 17: Pyramid of Freaks. She is a 18th level Cleric/Bard/Rogue, and would probably accomplish a lot more if she wasn't multiclassing.



Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury

In a career spanning more than seventy years, Ray Bradbury has inspired generations of readers to dream, think, and create. A prolific author of hundreds of short stories and close to fifty books, as well as numerous poems, essays, operas, plays, teleplays, and screenplays, Bradbury was one of the most celebrated writers of our time. His groundbreaking works include Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, Dandelion Wine, and Something Wicked This Way Comes. He wrote the screen play for John Huston's classic film adaptation of Moby Dick, and was nominated for an Academy Award. He adapted sixty-five of his stories for television's The Ray Bradbury Theater, and won an Emmy for his teleplay of The Halloween Tree. (Text from

Sam Tillis

Sam Tillis

Quantum Dragon Theatre Artistic Director Sam Tillis is an actor/ director/ writer native to the SF Bay Area. Directing credits for QDT include Universal Robots, Spell Eternity, Speed of Light, and Civil. He has also directed for the stage at the SF Olympians Festival and SF Theatre Pub and for the screen with Way Up There Productions. He has acted for local companies including Shotgun Players (The Coast of Utopia), Custom Made Theatre Co (Slaughterhouse-5), Wily West Productions (Everybody Here Says Hello!), and The Breadbox (‘Tis Pity She's a Whore and Oh Dad...). When not involved in theatrics, he teaches English and History at Fusion Academy Berkeley, runs D&D games, and occasionally sleeps.

Miles Callan
Properties Designer

Miles Callan is a graphic and industrial designer who apprenticed at Italdesign Giugiaro, designers of every nerds' dream car: the DeLorean DMC-12. He's worked with clients worldwide in the creation of furniture, consumer products, and even a locomotive paint scheme. His passion for clean, timeless design with a nod towards cyberpunk, dieselpunk, and Art Deco has led Miles to professionally building scale models of locomotives, structures, and other vehicles under the handle “The Weathering Man.” Miles loves finding various relics from the machine age and fixing them up- be they brass locomotives, old telephones, or automobiles. His other main interest is the discovery of webcomics and graphic novels.

Marisely Cortes
Costume Designer—Main Cast

Marisely O. Cortés Fonseca is currently in her 3rd year of her MFA program in Costume Design at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. As a costume designer, she has collaborated with students across different departments such as film, television, and acting by taking part in short films. This year she had her first experience designing for opera with The Pirates of Penzance for UC Santa Cruz.

Marisa Darabi
Poster Design

Marisa has worked in various capacities as an actor with theaters around the Bay Area including PlayGround, PianoFight, Golden Thread Productions, and CalShakes. Marisa studied at UC Berkeley where she received B.A.s in both Theater and French in May 2016 as well as at the Barrow Group in New York. She also studied Marionette at Université de Bordeaux. She is a proud QDT company member which you can learn more about on the QDT staff page. For upcoming projects, visit

Emily Dwyer
Costume Design—Book People

Emily Dwyer is elated to be making their performance debut with QDT after costume designing their recent production The Do’s and Don’ts of Time Travel and to be returning to design costumes for this dystopian masterpiece! A preschool teacher by day, Emily’s recent performance credits include Zelda in Scott and Zelda: The Beautiful Fools at Ross Valley Players and Martha/Wendla u/s in Spring Awakening with Marin Musical Theatre Company. Emily has also appeared in Mountain Play and New Conservatory Theatre Center productions, designing costumes for the latter as well as for Contra Costa Civic Theatre and Youth Musical Theatre Company. Emily hopes you enjoy our take on this sci-fi classic and sends endless love and hugs to the whole flam-ely!

Karl Haller
Master Carpenter

Karl Haller emerges from the wilds of Sunol to design and build sets for theatres all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Previous QDT credits include Speed of Light, Spell Eternity, Ageless, and Universal Robots.

Colin Johnson
Projections Design

Colin is a multi-hyphenate theatre and video production artist/educator who has been recklessly operating in the Bay area since 2008. He is Founding Artistic Director of Awesome Theatre and Creative Director of Troubleshoot Productions. Notable collaborations include but are not limited to: Pianofight, PlaygroundSF, Clown Conservatory, Circus Center, Shotz, The Curran, SF Fringe, SF Olympians, Three Girls Theatre Company, and BattleStache Studios. Colin makes movies until he gets too frustrated and makes theatre until he has a panic attack. In his spare time, he teaches clowns, delivers books, and kisses Katie the Set Designer. He thinks QDT is cool and he likes you, too, friend.

Morgan Finley King
Promotional Photography

Morgan Finley King has a home in Science Fiction and a spiritual refuge in Theatre. He started the Global Masonic Film Initiative and has since been performing, producing, and directing both screen and stage productions for companies such as Broken Bridge Entertainment, Murder At Dinner, Arcbound Productions, MediaVandal, Mysteries for Hire, and Timeless Media. He is currently making waves in a small corner of the internet with the sci-fi webseries Cryptic Motive. Morgan also works in the political field as a researcher.

Sara “Edie” Saavedra
Lighting Design

Saavedra fell into electrics towards end of her education at San Francisco State University’s Theatre Department. She is often seen in the booth at The Magic Theatre and on deck with Smuin Contemporary Ballet and Lamplighters Music Theatre. She made her light designing debut with QDT’s Ageless and was subsequently invited back for the rest their second season, light designing Universal Robots and The Do’s and Don’ts of Time Travel. Her daytime occupation is in investment banking as an administrative assistant.

Larry Tasse
Sound Design

Larry began his performing, songwriting, and composing career in Tin Pan Alley, NYC, working as a staff songwriter and musician. He was discovered by a rock and roll manager who put him to work as a songwriter/composer/pianist/mime in an art rock band called The Hello People. His music has been heard on two soundtracks which almost summed up his career, Almost Famous and 6 Feet Under. He was a House Sound Designer and Music Composer for the Broadhollow Regional Theatres in New York. His San Francisco Sound Design and Music Composition credits include The Goat, Laughing Wild, The Prida Project, and The Birthday Lottery. Larry wishes to thank his gifted wife GiGi and their courageous cat Zule for their continued support.

Annie Tillis
Stage Manager

Annie Tillis is happy to be returning to QDT for its third season of nerdy genius. Tillis has been spotted in or around the booth for various live performances around the Bay Area. Not only does she systematically haunt QDT, but has also worked with Circus Center, Dancer's Group (Little Seismic Dance Company; Risa Jaraslow and Dancers), SF Mime Troupe, Bay Area Musicals, and Shotgun Players. She has accepted her starving artist lifestyle and openly admits her addiction to the performing arts. If not in a dark windowless room, one can often find her lounging in the sun, hanging out with her cat, or dancing through life.

Katie Whitcraft
Scenic Design

Katie grew up in Alaska, where she began her arts career as an intern for the Alaska Theatre of Youth in Anchorage. At the age of 18 she moved to New York to study theatre at New York University, attending studio training at Playwrights Horizons Theatre School. She worked on many productions while there, including assistant designing Love’s Labors Lost and Faust Off-Broadway, acting in Savage in Limbo and Macbeth, and producing a set of one-acts Off-Off-Broadway for the Tisch Talent Guild. Katie later moved to Colorado. She continued her career in management, production, and performance roles with notable theatres such as the Wheeler Opera House, Theatre Aspen, and Equinox Theatre. Katie also assisted in the programming and management of the acclaimed Wolfe Theatre Academy at the Mizel Arts and Culture Center for more than five years. At the same time, she earned a Masters degree in nonprofit management from the University of Denver.

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