We believe that the purpose of theatre is to awaken curiosity and inspire wonder by exploring worlds and circumstances far different from our own— and what better genres to do that in than those which fall under the umbrella of speculative fiction? A catch-all term encompassing science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, superhero fiction, horror, utopian and dystopia fiction, and the supernatural, speculative fiction is the centerpiece of what we lovingly refer to as 'nerd culture.' But as we nerds have long known, these genres serve as vivid palettes to paint stories that examine complex ideas, explore fascinating characters, and ultimately reflect on the world we're living in today. 

If you are a fan of science-fiction/ fantasy books, movies, comics, and games but don't spend a lot of time at the theatre, we hope that you will give us a shot. Theatre offers a particular brand of entertainment that no other medium can match: the opportunity to be part of an experience in-the-moment, to witness live actors giving a performance that will never be exactly replicated, and by your very presence to be a part of that performance. And we promise never to bore you with Strindberg or Shakespeare— these are plays written about the subject matter that you know and love. 

If you are a fan of theatre but have never really gotten into the sci-fi/fantasy scene (perhaps due to the exclusionary strain that often haunts nerd culture), we hope to show you that speculative fiction can be for everybody. It's not all warp cores and gamma guns— though we may indulge in the occasional bout of technobabble, we're here for stories that people can relate to. And if we're not doing Strindberg or Shakespeare, it's because you can see them elsewhere. There's a relative lack of plays which evoke Star Trek and Star Wars, The Hobbit and Harry Potter, and that's what we're here to fix.

If you're already a fan of both speculative fiction and theatre... you're in for a treat. Settle in, lean forward, and join us as we boldly go where few theatre companies have gone before.