Fahrenheit 451
by Ray Bradbury
directed by Sam Tillis

In this dystopian classic, Guy Montag has worked for ten years as a Fireman, burning books for the state. However, when he meets Clarisse, a young woman filled with strange ideas, he finds himself drawn out of his numb complacency into a world of thoughts and feelings that pits him against his superior, the shrewd Captain Beatty, in a battle for both of their souls.  

An Invitation Out
by Shualee Cook
directed by Kieran Beccia

Like most successful young men in the somewhat distant future, Wridget has lived his entire life completely online, designing high-end custom avatars and throwing lavish parties in a Neo-Victorian world of his own devising. But when a mysterious Outdweller logs on to one of his virtual soirées, Wridget finds himself pulled between two realities, each with its own perils and promises.

Dog Act
by Liz Duffy Adams
directed by Ciera Eis

Zetta Stone, a traveling Vaudevillian, and her companion Dog (a young man undergoing a voluntary species demotion) are on a journey across the blasted wasteland that was once the United States to find new audiences for their act. But when their duo unexpectedly becomes a quartet, secrets from the past bubble to the surface that may threaten them all. A jaunty play-with-music featuring five original songs. 

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