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Sam Tillis
Artistic Director

Sam Tillis has GM’d a D&D game from first to twentieth level and watched every episode of Star Trek that’s ever been aired (no, the Animated Series doesn’t count; yes, he’s watched it anyway). He also graduated summa cum laude from UC San Diego, where he directed the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, with a B.A. each in Theatre and Political Science. Since then, he has been acting and directing for stage and screen around the Bay Area, acting for companies such as Shotgun Players (The Coast of Utopia), Custom Made Theatre Co. (Slaughterhouse-5), Wily West Productions (Everybody Here Says Hello!), and The Breadbox (‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore and Oh Dad...), and directing for SF Theater Pub (Pint Sized V) and the Olympians Festival (Pegasus: the Movie [the Play]). He is a founding member of Way Up There Productions film company, and by day, he currently works as a copy editor and freelance tutor.

Jacinta Sutphin

Jacinta Sutphin
Interim Managing Director

Jacinta Sutphin is pleased to be joining forces with Quantum Dragon Theatre in this timeline. Recently, she enjoyed playing Lady MacDuff in Vallejo Shakespeare’s production of Macbeth, a shark in the premiere of Oceanus at the SF Olympians Festival, and as Orange in QDT's Civil. She also served as Assistant Director for QDT's Speed of Light. There are many places in the Bay Area where you might glimpse Jacinta at work, including Shotgun Players, California Shakespeare Theater, Bay Area Children’s Theatre or any German restaurant, as she is serious about good beer and spätzle.

Jacinta considers Montana to be her first home, but California’s ridiculously pleasant weather and varied landscapes and people have won her affections in the meantime. She has subtle sci-fi and fantasy nerd cred, since, among other things, she grew up watching and reenacting episodes of Star Trek with her sister, but if you want to flame the real geek-fire, ask her about choral requiems.  Go on, she dares you.

Annie Tillis

Annie Tillis
Production Manager

Annie Tillis is happy to be returning to QDT for its second season of nerdy genius. Tillis has been seen in the past in the booth of various performances at both QDT, Bay Area Musicals, and Shotgun Players. Lately, she spends her time in the office of the SF Mime Troupe whilest living the starving San Francisco artist lifestyle. One can often find her lounging in the sun or dancing through life. 

Marisa Darabi

Marisa Darabi
Digital Content Designer

Marisa Darabi is an artist and portrait photographer in addition to being an actor. She has been taking photos of people since she could stand up and officially launched her photography business, darabiphotographi, in 2016. Marisa has also been working as hand-lettering and blackwork artist under inkyletters since 2012, providing design services to all kinds of people and companies as well as manufacturing merchandise such as enamel pins and stickers. She is thrilled to be able to merge these two sides of her freelance life to work with QDT in this position, creating posters, promo photos, videos, and anything in between for this wonderful company starting with their second season.

You may have seen Marisa performing with QDT long before joining as a staff member, as well as on other stages across the Bay Area. To figure out where you saw her and where you can see her next, visit 

Morgan Finely King

Morgan Finely King
Community Outreach Manager

Morgan Finley King has a home in Science Fiction and a spiritual refuge in Theatre. He started the Global Masonic Film Initiative and has since been performing, producing, and directing both screen and stage productions for companies such as Broken Bridge Entertainment, Murder At Dinner, Arcbound Productions, MediaVandal, Mysteries for Hire, and Timeless Media. He is currently making waves in a small corner of the internet with the sci-fi webseries Cryptic Motive. Morgan also works in the political field as a researcher.


Hannah St. John
Social Media Manager

Hannah St. John is a freelance writer specializing in blogs and social media content. She's thrilled to join Quantum Dragon Theatre as the company's resident social media witch and Writer of the Newsletters. (If you comment on one of our posts, you're probably talking to her. Say hi!) She has a bachelor's degree in psychology, but still hasn't figured out how to read minds. Yet.

Hannah is the only QDT staff member not based in California. She lives in Las Vegas and spends most of her time watching horror movies and complaining about tourists. To hire her for freelance work, email her at:
hannahstjohn2010 [at] gmail [dot] com